Jazsmin N. Bryant
Founder/CEO of epik creations, llc

GRaphic Designer/ Multidisciplinary photographer/ VISUAL artist
    Creative, passionate, energetic and friendly, multidisciplinary artist Jazsmin Bryant is P.G. County, Maryland native and a Hampton University C/O '19 Alumni, earning her B.A. in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Graphic Design. 
   Her vision for Epik Creations, LLC came very early in her college years and she has been in professional creative business for around 7 years now. Jazsmin specializes in creating unforgettable memories for a myriad of clients as they celebrate various accomplishments, throw events, want a vision brought to life or even have a championship sports game; seeing a person smile through her lens is the ultimate joy! As a result, clients experience not only tangible memories but also graphic designs to increase audience engagement, boosting their brand! 
    Jazsmin uses her expertise in the Adobe Creative Cloud software to create a wide range of brand visuals and layouts. Additionally, she uses her knowledge in film and digital photography to creatively direct and shoot a myriad of clientele...Read more about Jazsmin in Voyage Baltimore by clicking the link to your right. 
Knowledge is Power. Creativity is Inventing.
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